R. R. R. M. C. General Info

About the Rock River Riders Motorcycle Club

The Rock River Riders M. C. was founded in 1946 & currently has 57 members involved in all aspects of motorcycling. Members have served in leadership positions in both the AMA and District 17. The most well-known member is Bill Baird, a club member for more than 50 years, many time National Enduro Champion & a former member of the AMA Board of Trustees. Ron George was D 17 President & Bob Bicking was D 17 Trials Director for 5 years. Tim Detwiler and J. D. Shults also served as Trails Director. The club has 10 Life Members that have 25 or more years with the club. They are Bill Baird, Norm Carroll, Keith Jaquet, Bruce Knipple, George Miller, Chuck Pilgrim, Pete Thiakos, Mike Thomas, Sonny Wellman and Floyd Wooden. Bruce Knipple received his 50 year award in 2004.

The club hosts several sanctioned competition events every year including their immensely popular hillclimbs & what riders say is the best observed trials in the district. Their dirt drags bring out a wide variety of equipment from Nitro powered ATV's to hillclimb bikes to see who can cover 100 yards of ground in the shortest time. The egg hunt is another fun event for both bikes and ATVís. We hold an old-timers banquet from time to time to bring former members back to reminisce with the current members. The club has contributed to the AMA's Heritage Museum & contributes to community causes such as Churches & the Polo Schools.

The clubgrounds are east of Polo, IL. & directly across from the entrance to White Pines State Park.

The club is always looking for new members that would like to get involved in supporting motorcycling and participating in club activities. Meetings are 7 pm on the first Friday of the month and 7 pm the 3rd Saturday of the month.

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